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PEO & EOR Services in Pakistan

Form your global Teams, with Compliance and Cost-Effectiveness in a matter of hours and economically using e-square PEO & EOR services in Pakistan. Engage e-square to Function as your EOR Company, empowering You to Hire across Pakistan. Get the Benefits from Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Onboarding Guidance and World-Class HR Assistance. Experience Hassle-Free Hiring with Contracts, Payroll, Taxes and Benefits Seamlessly Managed.

As a Professional Employer of Record (EOR), e-square provides extensive HR solutions for Small and Medium size organizations.
e-square has designed "HR services package offer" at a very affordable price structure. With this offer, e-square provides consistently high quality HR environment in small and medium size organizations comparable with any of the top multinational organization.

The features of Package HR services for Small and Medium organizations-(SME) are as follows

We work for clients as their HR Manager
We execute all HR administrative & operational tasks, like all documentations required in employee life cycle with organization, employee benefit management, employee payroll management, employee leave record management, employee personnel records, making employee cards, making employee visiting cards in time & hiring assistance.
Managing labor laws (EOBI/SESSI/PESSI/Gratuity/Provident fund/Group life insurance) on behalf of clients
Employees bank account opening, rapid direct salary transfer into employee's salary accounts
Employee Job description designing
Employee objective/target setting
Employee performance evaluation
Preparing & keeping up to date employees files, both hard copies & digital data
Providing best rate medical insurance policies through any of the top service providers

We have the capacity and experience of entering into contract with you either as Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or Employer of Record (EOR) in Pakistan

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