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The ever changing business environment poses a challenge to design an efficient organization. The design should have best mix of product/service delivery channels, customer support and sales operation management, in such a manner that it gives optimal results. e-square HR Consulting services has unique expertise in successfully implementing sales/distribution channels, customer operations strategies and Human Resource system planning & set up for many world renowned competitive companies in Pakistan, Gulf and Middle East.

HR Consulting

e-square HR Consulting provides a comprehensive HR solution for all operational & strategic issues. In order to provide comprehensive solutions, we engage in an in-depth market research & analysis of all internal & external factors, which may affect our client's performance. We do complete SWAT of your organization & in the process interview your key personnel to get actual insight into your departments & their functionalities.

We offer following HR Consultancy Services in the business Consulting area:

  • Designing Sales & customer services strategy and implementation
  • Development of an appropriate organizational model, required for delivery of sales & customer service objectives
  • Business Processes designing
  • HR policy formulation
  • Job description documents
  • Job evaluation assessments and assigning symbolic pay grades
  • Salary ranges and bench marking remuneration
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Defining requisites and formulating policies for handling them
  • Drafting and completion of employee reference manuals
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Employee/customer/distribution channels mystery shopping
  • Market salary surveys
  • Competitors SWAT analysis
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