Payroll,BPO Outsourcing-Pakistan,UAE
Payroll Outsourcing

Everything You Need to Know

Payroll Outsourcing is the process of hiring another company to handle your non core business activities, We are capable of providing comprehensive Payroll Outsourcing Services, Data Processing & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Pakistan and UAE.

The key benefits of our experience, supported by well developed automated web based HRIS systems enable us to provide you unmatched Payroll management services.

Value Addition

We help you digitize all employee documents & credentials , as well as maintain hard copies back up at remote site.

Your employees will have the advantages

Fast direct salary transfer into their bank accounts.

SMS & Email Notification of salary transfers.

Online access to Pay Slips.

Direct access to HRIS to update their information. Via self-care

The employer will have the advantages, including

100% employees bank account opening

Fast Salary transfers through the one click online tool.

Online access to Payroll.

No hassle of keeping employees hard copies files.

Complete digital record of all employees.

No worries about hosting & maintaining payroll application

Online access to all reports