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How to get hired fast in Pakistan UAE, middle east

Most recruiters are seeking help of liked in. So, you must spend time on improving your profile on linked in. There are two steps of improving your profile on any internet based site, may it be job portal or lined in.

First is to prepare a list of “key words” that you think recruiter would use to search for a matching profile. 

·         Be smart in preparing this list, visit some of the other professional in same segment as you are and steal some good key words from their profile on linked in.    

·         You can even seek help of google analytics to find out appropriate key words for your profile

·         Imagine, what words would you use to search for a profile same as yours?

 Input these key words where ever possible in first 3 areas of your profile in linked in i.e. current job area, past area & summary. Mostly the search relies on these 3 areas only.

Once you are satisfied that your profile is loaded with required key words, then, start on-going process of “improving your connection”. You must have higher number of connections. Whichever email you use ( gmail/hotmail/yahoo etc), first use these email addresses for sending connection requests. See help in linked to seek some help in increasing your connections.

Remember, key words &  connections in key to your success in inviting requests for interviews from recruiter

Posted by: Esquare Admin

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have completed my Bachelor\\\'s degree in BS Computer Science i have experience 1 years IT and call center 1 years.i wanna work in my field and telecom company please keep me in chance.Email:110zainzaidi@gmail.com

On 24-02-2018

I have experience in ptcl telecommunications. I want to go uae.. any job u have for uae.

Posted by: wasif iqbal
On 25-11-2017

Posted by: test
On 11-09-2017


Posted by:
On 11-09-2017

Posted by: arrowOral
On 04-06-2017

+12graduate with civil design coarse hirring job in dubai my num-9842558191

Posted by: AMARNATH.M
On 28-05-2017

+12graduate with civil Design coarse

Posted by: AMARNATH
On 28-05-2017

I luv to work in UAE

Posted by: AMARNATH
On 28-05-2017

i am already in UAE on employment visa i have 3 years experience in real estate so i am looking for job in DAMAC if you can help me it will be more convenient 00971505031619

Posted by: junaid tariq
On 02-11-2016

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