HRIS Payroll Software solutions-Pakistan
Online HRIS Software

Online Human Resource Information & Management System (HRIS/CoreHRMS)

HRIS/CoreHRMS is a Payroll software which provides Human Resource Management System (CoreHRMS) on just about anything the companies need to track & analyze about current employees, former employees, applicants attendance and their Payrolls.

With e-square HRIS/CoreHRMS, Human Resource Management staff enable employees to do their own personal profile updates through self care module, thus freeing HR staff for more strategic functions. Additionally, data necessary for Employee Management, Performance Management, career growth and equal treatment is facilitated. Finally, Managers can access the information they need to effectively support the success of their reporting employees.

e-square Online web based "HRIS"effectively manages following work areas pertaining to Human Resource Management (HRM) of any organization.

Centralize your HR data

The efficiency of the HR department is increased automation centralized data with the help of HRIS

Times Tracking

Employee time tracking and scheduling software that's accurate. Easily track time from anywhere

E Filing Automation

Electronic files management can help you save costs and quick response using automated processes reflects

Employee performance reviews

Lot of advantages to regular “one-on-one's” that can improve both you and your employees' overall performance

Customizable as per business needs

Businesses large and small alike can benefit from developing their own custom software to meet their needs.

Go Mobile and connect anywhere

Being able to work anywhere at any time obviously has its advantages, especially now mobile can connect live

Employee Self-care Portal

Management of Personal Data and leaves a hassle free job via the self service ,employees feel more positive

Statistics Graph Report

Analyzing and reporting assessment results. Presenting Data in Charts and Graphs that's on your finger tips

Invoice Automation

Accelerated invoice processing for a more efficient accounts and better financial visibility of organization

E Notification

Push notifications have some significant advantages over emails that simplfy cannot be overlooked

Online Pay Slips

The help of payroll computerized services to get accurate calculations and high quality payslips online in real time

Cloud Access

The benefits of moving your business to cloud Environment (e.g. smartphones, tablets), access data is even easier