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Often career paths or Career jobs are chosen based on salaries or the potential of earning money. The theory of Alan Watts was that a person should choose his career based on his interest and passion and not on a monetary aims and purposes. Alan Watt’s theory was that a person should choose his career with a thought that money doesn’t matter at all and all that matters is his interest and skills.

Self Assessment

Choosing a career is not an easy task, and it cannot simply be relied on your assumed interest and job satisfaction. For this you need a self assessment and a clear realization of your skills, For example if you want to pursue a career in Human Resource Management then you need to assist yourself whether you have the right skill for this career or not, for instance for Human resource, skills like time management, highly organized, skill of multitasking, being an extrovert and problem solving skills are needed. If you think you have it very well pursue it, but if you lack in these skills then choose another career according to your skills.

Basically there are two different theories for choosing a career; first the Match Making Theory which states that a person should choose his career depending on his passion, and another is the Career Capital Theory which says that passion will grow along with your skills. However different countries have different specialization and different career opportunities, you can’t expect to get the same job satisfaction, the same earning and the same progress in a particular field in different countries. There are numerous reasons for this, for example cultural differences, religion differences, weather and topography differences and many other reasons. Today there are numerous fields open for the younger generation and a vast variety of career opportunities in Pakistan, though there is an existence of inflation and shady living conditions but still opportunities are available for people who really want to pursue in life.  Careers are available from business, finance, up to fashion and textiles. So there is flexibility in career jobs in a developing country like Pakistan. So therefore people in Pakistan are not restricted in the matter of choosing their careers. Here are the list of career jobs in Pakistan which are highly paid and has a scope of progressing:
1) Finance and Accounting

2) Marketing Career

3) Telecom Engineering Career

4) HR Management Career

5) Career as A Software Engineer


In my opinion Career Capital Theory is the most logical one because every field requires hard work and dedication, all you need to do is pick a career in which you won’t mind investing years of time and effort, improve your skills in it and passion will come along.

Posted by: Esquare Admin

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