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How to Use a Career Guide to Find a Job For job-seekers, career guides are an indispensable resource for finding employment. These guides can be used to find a position that sufficiently matches your specific skills. As well, it gives you a good overview of the wide range of jobs available in your field. To get the most out of a career guide, you should use it to locate where relevant jobs are located. This can let you know if you need to move or if jobs are available in your area. If there are no jobs in your area, but you are not willing to move, then it may be time for a career change. As well, you can gather information from a career guide on what traits and achievements you will already need in order to land the job. If you have a bachelor's degree, then it may be useless heading down a career path that requires a PhD at the next stop. Knowing what qualifications are necessary will allow you to tailor your efforts toward getting your dream job. Most important to some, a career guide provides information on how much money you will be making. If you plan on being the breadwinner in a family of six, then salary information is vital. While there is much more to a job then how much money you make, the pay must be enough to provide for yourself and your family. Keep in mind, an important aspect of finding a job is identifying the hot niches. If you qualify, these niches are where you will have the most luck trying to find employment. As well, fields with an abundance of job listings are another place to put your effort toward. Job openings are a sign that the field will be expanding. You want to avoid setting your aim on a job in a dying industry. While career guides are fabulous resources, they are not the only source of information. Ultimately, what is a good job to one person is a bad job to another. Personality largely affects your ability to be satisfied. Therefore, it is wise to do this self-reflection first. After you have a firm grasp of what types of careers would satisfy you for years, then proceed to find related hot job opportunities as described above.

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I just finished my BSCS from Indus University so i seak for jobs and internship. I recently did internships in Karachi Shipyard and Federation House Chamber of Commerce.

Posted by: Muhammad Ali
On 07-06-2018

civil engineer 1 year experience looking for trainee engineer position. Thanks 03057284048

On 04-09-2015

Sir Khuda ka wassta hay Allah Rasool Ka wasta hay jon dedu itni mails itni application di lekin response nahi aya office ayeen to ap kehtay hoo online post karu application kitni post karein thak gayee hain so please ap consider karein .

Posted by: Abdul Wahab Ali
On 30-06-2015


Posted by: urrfqouw
On 20-06-2015

i\'m seeking for the job related to commerce and graphics...i\'m also an undergraduate student

Posted by: mahwash
On 12-02-2015

I am trying to find a job relating from Accountant Restaurent

Posted by:
On 11-10-2014


Posted by: MARIAM
On 11-09-2014

Where is this Career Guide you mentioned?

Posted by: Khizar
On 08-05-2014

I am trying to find a job relating from Terminal / Shipping Logistics

Posted by: SYED AAMIR
On 17-04-2014

that is good thing.we should follow this..

Posted by: Farrukh
On 15-04-2014

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