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A good Human Being can become a good Manager

A good Human Being can become a good Manager

Every professional wants to become successful in career. The promotions come as a sign of success in our professional lives. With promotions, we are faced with new challenges of how to fit into this new role effectively. Generally no one trains you about initial days of your enhanced responsibilities.

The main challenges one faces with promotions is that his/her colleagues now start reporting to him/her , which is a tricky task to handle. At times people become too bossy or too distanced which seems so obvious that every one notices it and dislike it. On the other hand, some people remain same old buddies without bringing in any air of "leadership" in relations, which again is not what is required. Now what is required and what all successful managers practice consciously is that they realize that they have been promoted and now their responsibilities are different towards their reports. They read the situation very soberly and control their emotions, negative or positive and steady themselves.

They acquire maximum understanding of their departmental goals and plan their team/man management. They check any bias or dislike toward any reports , they become more of a "business like" then  "buddies" to their colleagues now. Once my manager ask me to be "firm & friendly" to my reports,w hen I was first promoted to field sales manager position from a sales executives position. I found this firm & friendly description as the best throughout my professional career and would suggest all young professional to keep it in mind when they start growing in the professional lives.


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Posted by: Imran
On 19-12-2017


Posted by: Imran
On 19-12-2017

Write something about harassment,like how to deal with it without losing your job.

Posted by: Syeda. M
On 21-05-2017

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